Shadows and Lessons

I took some pictures this morning that taught me some surprising things.

Blackrock Castle 6 am 11 May 2021
Water Shadow Blackrock Castle 6 am 11 May 2021

I was delighted to be up and about on such a splendid day. I have taken many pictures of the Castle but never one of its reflection, which I called a shadow.

Sun Shadow 6 am 11 May 2021
Sun Shadow 6 am 11 May 2021

Then I was able to photograph the sun and it’s long reflection, which I whimsically called a sun shadow.

VG 6 am 11 May 2021
My own shadow 6 am 11 May 2021

Then I saw my own shadow. I almost passed it by. Then I decided to take a picture.

Then I thought about the scripture verse about “who by taking thought can add a cubit to his stature?” And I thought, I just did. That’s a tall shadow. I felt proud. Then I thought, “Why is my shadow so tall? Because I got up so early.” And I felt proud again.

Then I thought, “It just shows what you can accomplish if you get up early every day.” More shadow, more height, more power, more influence, more connection.

My voice professor used to say, “The higher you rise, the bigger shadow you cast.” He went on, “And the higher you get, the bigger your shadow, the more people are standing in that shadow saying I want that to be me.” That could be for good or evil. He said it to me as a warning.

But I am old and reckless now. I’ll take it as a positive thing. So I’ll continue to rise early, cast a long shadow, and see what I’ve left to influence in this old world.

Sean Daniel – Self-Portrait