No Bicycle

One of the disappointments of my fairly happy childhood was not being allowed to have a bicycle.

Year after year I begged Santa Claus for one but it never came. I was greatly blessed with books and toys and dolls and lots of other things came my way, but no bicycle.

I suspect my parents were protecting me from hurting myself, or straying too far. They made it up in so many ways – after I started playing the flute at 8 years of age I used to receive wonderful musical gifts. Metronomes, fancy music stands, and instruments. Those wonderful flutes I was given took me much further than a bicycle ever would.

And yet I feel the loss in a couple of ways.

Now that I live in Ireland, I look around at a land that begs for bicycle exploration. And now that I am 67 with two knee replacements, I cannot risk injury of learning it now.

Not having a bicycle made me a little less fit, coordinated, and healthy than my friends. I was naturally sedentary with a nose for books and gardening. But I would have explored on that bicycle.

So I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. I tried to learn in later years but kept falling off and I do NOT like to bleed. It was just not to be.

It is something I look forward to in heaven. I want to take a lunch, wave goodbye to God, and go exploring with young legs pedaling and young eyes looking.

Won’t that be fun?

4 thoughts on “No Bicycle

  1. Carolyn Dalbow

    Reading these first posts of you I could easily hear your voice! Learned a few things I didn’t know about you and remembered a few of the difficulties you have faced. Great start! Sorry you never rode bicycles, but now there is nothing to miss. As I entered my late 60’s and now at 72 I rarely ride my bike–too many bad joints and back.
    I look forward to more of “you” !

  2. Riki

    It’s not to late. They make amazing 3 wheeled bikes for those of us less coordinated. They even come with a basket for all the treasures you find along the way.

    I live reading your post. I told Bendy just the other day that I wished I would have known you sooner.

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