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Clothes Line

The smell and freshness

Of clothes hung outside;

The wind takes liberties

And plays like a bride

With ruffles and veils

And small bits of lace!

When it’s dry hold the


Close up to your face!

21 March 2021

Tea Party

Won’t you please come to a tea party with me?

The cakes are all ready, real cream flowing free!

Tiny shaped sandwiches with watercress,

And the most civilized speeches are heard between guests!

Won’t you please try the lemon curd?

I made it meself so say a kind word!

The scones are still warm and the tea is still hot,

So let’s have some friendly poured out from a pot!

19 March 2021

June 2017

A Poem for Michael’s Mam

Love is a series 
of appointments with pain.
You cannot avoid them
no matter what gain
you might look in the pocket book –
there’s still that certain locket – look!
What is inside? Lock of hair
or a picture reminds you that there
it is – the appointment shall not be missed on any account but see
What bliss it is to be loved and to love
Love live love, live love, love live love.

Virginia Giglio – March 2019

Who am I, Really?

When all else is gone,
When I can’t hear the song,
And I must close my eyes,
Something inside cries
“It’s me! I’m here!
In a place without fear,
I’m the voice of love,
Sweet as heaven above.
Love is me, the real me.”
Me. Really.

Virginia Giglio
February 2019


Holy, holy things appear,
Everywhere, and now, and here,
Ark of the Covenant, Rose of Sharon,
Mistletoe, and the Vessel of Charon
Rosary Beads and Holy Bread
Shaman’s Shaker, Shroud Print of Head,
Reliquary, Wand of a Fairy
Bone Marrow and Sacred Arrow
Tooth of Elk, Shell of Whelk…
Who’s to say what’s holy or not?
But about these things bloody battles are fought…

Virginia Giglio Apr 2019


Every now and then I write a poem. I’ve lost a lot of them, but I can find some of them and am going to start posting them here. I will be sure to categorize them as poetry so that they can be pulled up all at once.

Here’s a starter….

What is Love?

When all else is gone,

When you can’t hear the song,

And you must close your eyes,

Something in you cries

“It’s me! I’m here!”

In a place without fear,

It’s the voice of love,

Sweet as heaven above.

Love is you, the real you,

When all else is through.

Virginia Giglio – February 2019