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I have thoughts and opinions. Sometimes these are unstable or evolving.

Unitarian – What?

A couple of years ago (or less) I did a little reflecting on why I’m a Unitarian at the moment. I even did a little research project and made a little movie. I have 14 statements from real Corkonian Unitarians in it. I also had a nice coffee-chat with my Pastor who is fine with my beliefs and opinions, some of which I will state below.

I am a non-Wikipedian Unitarian. I’m my own Unitarian who believes (in):

– the deity of Jesus the son of God

– the power of the Holy Spirit to do miracles and fuel my best efforts

– an Omni-loving Father God who is close and cozy

– redemption of humankind through the sacrifice of Jesus was a brilliant solution to a terrible problem called death that was invented by God in the first place

– that Allah is indeed Akbar

– that meditation is fabulous and we commune with God while doing it

– that we humans are all capable of the most heinous evil and the most wonderful goodness and we carry these possibilities in our DNA

– the devil exists but has no ultimate power because Jesus won that battle and stands between us and the devil like Gandalf stood off with Durin’s Bane in the Mines of Moria and “that one little word shall fell him.”

– speaking of which, the whole of “A Mighty Fortress is our God” is sublime, outrageous and most wonderful truth

– that hell doesn’t exist but punishment results from evildoing because evildoing sets the wheels of punishment in motion

– that goodness is indeed its own reward and sets the wheels of reward in motion

– that loaves and fishes can multiply

– that whited sepulchres will eventually erupt like pimples and false prophets be exposed like the ersatz emperor’s nakedness

– that Jesus is our ultimate advocate

– that we can’t change the story but we can change the ending

– that God gets smarter every day just like we do just on a much higher plane

– I believe cats and dogs and chickens go to heaven

– I believe in the power of St. Joseph to take care of most anything either through extraordinary intercession or means undiscovered and unimaginable

– I believe St. Anthony finds things

– I believe Mary was a virgin but I also believe in a woman’s right to choose

– There is a Santa Claus

– People would like to be good but some are damaged

– You can find good in everyone if you listen to their story with an intent to find the good

– That suffering just is

– Freak accidents are freaks

– The world needs renewing annually and thank God The Cheyenne American Indians know that and take care of the necessary rituals to make it happen

– That all good prophets come from God, e.g., Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Sweet Medicine, Mr. Rogers, Gandhi, Mark Twain, Robin Williams

– Comedians are special envoys from God

– Gay people need love and God bless them when they find it

– Gender dysphoria is a physical condition

– All are welcome in my world but I prefer nice people who like art, music, laughter, flowers, and are kind to animals and the mentally disabled

– God is so smart and tries so hard, just like me

– Music is another realm altogether and those who know it are richly blessed – same for maths

– Dreams are rich messages and we would do well to pay attention

– We are surrounded by spirits and we need to respect that. The same with travelers, and maybe fairies.

– The more we give, the more we will have.

– Driving carefully is important.

– Buskers and beggars should be dealt with generously and humanely.

– Pay your taxes with joy and forget it.

That’s probably not all but enough to be going on.

Here’s my little movie:

Cork Unitarian Church

My First Opinion

Ha! Anyone who knows me knows that this is not my first opinion. I do not sit on the fence once I’ve decided what I think. It’s deciding what I think that is the problem.

Anyway, my first opinion written on this web site is that I hate the word blog. Just the word, not the idea of one.

Blog sounds like the past tense of booger. Or, it sounds like, “If I eat another cookie, I’m going to blog.” Or, “I haven’t had coffee today so I feel all bloggy.” I could go on. Ugly word.

How about this? BLOG stands for “Bound to be Logic-free, Opinionated Garbage.”

Or here’s a limerick:

There once was an innocent blog
That became like the vomit of dog
It started out wired
but became very tired
And disappeared into the fog.

I don’t want this set of memoirs and opinions to do that – disappear into the fog, or become tired. I think the only way to do that is to stay honest. And, there’s the rub.