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Tea Party

Won’t you please come to a tea party with me?

The cakes are all ready, real cream flowing free!

Tiny shaped sandwiches with watercress,

And the most civilized speeches are heard between guests!

Won’t you please try the lemon curd?

I made it meself so say a kind word!

The scones are still warm and the tea is still hot,

So let’s have some friendly poured out from a pot!

19 March 2021

June 2017


Here is an example of a collage I made that makes me happy. It’s name is: 4

“4” Cut Paper & Acrylic 24cm x 26cm

4 was made in a black paper scrapbook from cutouts from slick magazines. Look for the shoe! I added the dots, which are a signature of my work. To me they add energy. The piece is named because the finished work told me that was its name. Yes, my art talks to me. I hope you will let it talk to you.

What other things can you find in 4?

Please visit to see more of my art!

New Art Web Site

I am so excited to have launched a new art website!

For years I have done art, but I promised myself I could do art full time after I retired. Well, I haven’t really retired but I am doing the art.

Please take a look!

New Tray Basket Thingie

I’ve been making trays out of recycled materials including ALDI circulars, sweetener containers, corks, and recycled office paper. I use hot glue. ModPodge, and spray fixative to finish them off.

My first tray…

Some more … they take days to complete.

The last one I’ll show here will be the final one for a little while. Making these is tough on my hands.


I created Shebang (as in “the whole shebang”) to be the centerpiece of my back garden studio. It is made from recycled materials. I made all the components during the first 2020 lockdown between March and the end of June, continuing into July during our brief reprieve. Because the garden studio was being constructed some of the material was discarded from that project: PVC pipe, wire, tile spacers, etc. from the kitchen came sweetener boxes, soup boxes, a cocoa can and other trash. Grocery store circulars with slick paper and newspapers were used to cover the objects. Leftover paint provided the background and the canvas is a piece of Masonite packing material backed by leftover lumber.

It all starts with this can blowing off its lid.

Objects fly up…
They fly all over the canvas

It was Shebang that caught the attention of Reverend Mike O’Sullivan who invited me to do an outdoor collage for the Unitarian Church Cork. More on that later.

I refer to Shebang as my “masterpiece” because it makes me feel so good!