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Every now and then I write a poem. I’ve lost a lot of them, but I can find some of them and am going to start posting them here. I will be sure to categorize them as poetry so that they can be pulled up all at once.

Here’s a starter….

What is Love?

When all else is gone,

When you can’t hear the song,

And you must close your eyes,

Something in you cries

“It’s me! I’m here!”

In a place without fear,

It’s the voice of love,

Sweet as heaven above.

Love is you, the real you,

When all else is through.

Virginia Giglio – February 2019

New Art Web Site

I am so excited to have launched a new art website!

For years I have done art, but I promised myself I could do art full time after I retired. Well, I haven’t really retired but I am doing the art.

Please take a look!


My ex-husband died.

How am I doing?

It is difficult.

I loved someone with all my heart, then the love was betrayed, and a chain of hurts took place, and I finally became reconciled to there being only these things left: two elusive treasures, a few good memories, and a million bad memories.

In the meantime my own garden flourishes. A new and faithful and true love appears. There is much healing. The treasures grow and prosper, each developing in lovely and unexpected ways. I also grow in lovely and unexpected ways.

I’m ready for this painful era of my existence to wash off the beach and out to sea.

Strandhill in County Sligo, Ireland – August 2021

When I Listen Carefully…

I hear my heart say quiet things. This morning I took a walk down a road in Ballylicky. West Cork. I took pictures of wild flowers. Some I magnified.

It has been said that everything is beautiful in the right light. I think that everything is beautiful when magnified beyond the ordinary view.

I think we need to take time to look at the little things, then look very closely. Then even more closely. Things will reveal their beauty if we look closely. They won’t ask us to do it. They won’t care if we do or don’t. It’s our own loss or gain if we miss or take advantage of seeing something magnified,

Here are some examples.

Queen Anne’s Lace
Queen Anne’s Lace

Dogwood and Pieris Andromeda through a window
Candlelight Reflection
Old Lovers

Shadows and Lessons

I took some pictures this morning that taught me some surprising things.

Blackrock Castle 6 am 11 May 2021
Water Shadow Blackrock Castle 6 am 11 May 2021

I was delighted to be up and about on such a splendid day. I have taken many pictures of the Castle but never one of its reflection, which I called a shadow.

Sun Shadow 6 am 11 May 2021
Sun Shadow 6 am 11 May 2021

Then I was able to photograph the sun and it’s long reflection, which I whimsically called a sun shadow.

VG 6 am 11 May 2021
My own shadow 6 am 11 May 2021

Then I saw my own shadow. I almost passed it by. Then I decided to take a picture.

Then I thought about the scripture verse about “who by taking thought can add a cubit to his stature?” And I thought, I just did. That’s a tall shadow. I felt proud. Then I thought, “Why is my shadow so tall? Because I got up so early.” And I felt proud again.

Then I thought, “It just shows what you can accomplish if you get up early every day.” More shadow, more height, more power, more influence, more connection.

My voice professor used to say, “The higher you rise, the bigger shadow you cast.” He went on, “And the higher you get, the bigger your shadow, the more people are standing in that shadow saying I want that to be me.” That could be for good or evil. He said it to me as a warning.

But I am old and reckless now. I’ll take it as a positive thing. So I’ll continue to rise early, cast a long shadow, and see what I’ve left to influence in this old world.

Sean Daniel – Self-Portrait

Travel Planning Again!

Ireland has issued a guide to the gradual reopening of the country for stay-cations! Since we simply can’t get enough of Ireland, I am thrilled to start making travel plans again!

THEREFORE I have made plans and begun to make reservations!

Thursday 6 May 2021 – Train to Cobh with Neal to walk and explore a lovely city!

Monday 10 May 2021 – Walking part of the Waterford Greenway starting in Dungarvan, walking with friend Christine ❤️

3 – 4 July 2021 – Wexford Lavender Farm

20 – 23 June 2021 – Limerick by Train

23 – 30 July 2021 – Strandhill; Cloona Health Retreat

Life is opening up, and not just because the lockdown is gradually unlocking. It’s because of walking.

See Walking Journal

All of our trips have to do with walking. They are planned around my life commitment to keep walking for at least one hour every day.

Life is fuller and richer! And I’m ready for new adventures.

New Tray Basket Thingie

I’ve been making trays out of recycled materials including ALDI circulars, sweetener containers, corks, and recycled office paper. I use hot glue. ModPodge, and spray fixative to finish them off.

My first tray…

Some more … they take days to complete.

The last one I’ll show here will be the final one for a little while. Making these is tough on my hands.


I created Shebang (as in “the whole shebang”) to be the centerpiece of my back garden studio. It is made from recycled materials. I made all the components during the first 2020 lockdown between March and the end of June, continuing into July during our brief reprieve. Because the garden studio was being constructed some of the material was discarded from that project: PVC pipe, wire, tile spacers, etc. from the kitchen came sweetener boxes, soup boxes, a cocoa can and other trash. Grocery store circulars with slick paper and newspapers were used to cover the objects. Leftover paint provided the background and the canvas is a piece of Masonite packing material backed by leftover lumber.

It all starts with this can blowing off its lid.

Objects fly up…
They fly all over the canvas

It was Shebang that caught the attention of Reverend Mike O’Sullivan who invited me to do an outdoor collage for the Unitarian Church Cork. More on that later.

I refer to Shebang as my “masterpiece” because it makes me feel so good!

10,000 Steps a Day in May

A few years ago, I had two total knee replacements, but I recovered and walk fine. The problem was, I was not walking. I was turning into a slug and my knees were stiffening. And when the first lockdown came in 2020, I decided to learn to make soda bread and scones and lemon curd and FOOD!

All this and NOT walking led me to gain 50 whole pounds – not the COVID-19 pounds people joke about. 50! And me not walking. Which led me to be pretty darned depressed – fat and feeling like a big useless depressed slug.

I started walking in March 2021 and have committed to doing so every day. I increased my steps from only 17 thousand steps in February to 147 thousand steps in March. I use an LL Bean walking stick to help my balance and to exude authority over my walking space. My current goal is 4 km per day every day at a rate of 18 minutes per kilometer or better.

Catching my breath on the Mahon Greenway

Then, on Facebook I saw the invitation to walk 10 K a Day in May for the Mater. Well, my inner walking hero decided this was for me. It was only about 2000 steps more a day than I was walking already. The beautiful orange tee shirt was the deal maker – I wanted to walk in a bright orange shirt!

To Donate

SOOOOOOO……I signed up in
April and started to make an effort to walk 10 K that day – which I did! Today I am going to try to do the same. Then I will be ready for May, you see. It will be a piece of cake. Which, by the way, I don’t feel like eating so much since I’ve refocused my goals AWAY from the baking oven and onto the walking path.

Already I can feel big differences in my body though my weight has not gone down. My clothes fit better, and my skin looks nice, and I just feel more in control of my impulses! I figure the weight will drop automatically and I need not worry about that as long as I get out there and WALK.

Furthermore, ME taking care of ME keeps me out of the Mater, so that the hospital front line workers can take care of people who really need it.

Click arrow below!

I closed my video this way…

“So if you are dangling on the edge of commitment, jump on in. The Mater’s fine!”


10K Steps a Day in May